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Tell My Story is dedicated to helping people understand the world through on-the-ground, expert, and deeply reported independent journalism.

tellmystory.in brings untold stories that inspire, reach out and give hope. We want to reflect that beautiful side of the world and life.

Our stories would be informative, enriching, empowering, entertaining and in good taste worth your time.

We shall also be the voice of the community. It could be your story or someone else’s. A story that touched you, a story that made you laugh or cry; or a story that made a difference or a story that requires help in any part of the world. Share with us. We shall tell it Well.

In this era of information overdose and sensationalism we tend to miss out on a lot of positive and beautiful things around us. We are often made to believe that only bad things happen around us as the media largely reports only that. But we believe, that is a distorted and lopsided reflection of reality and could cause irreparable damage, turning people hopeless. Join us in this journey. Share your thoughts. Mail us at contact@tellmystory.in

Thank you.


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