Farmer’s Daughter Crowned Ms Arunachal. Dream Big, Believe.

22 year old Nadek Nabum, a farmer’s daughter has  been crowned Miss Arunachal Pradesh 2023. The title victory is a dream come true for the English graduate. Despite initial hesitancy from her mother, Nadek’s determination and her father’s support allowed her to pursue beauty pageantry and ultimately win among 150 contestants.

Nadek faced obstacles and failures along her journey but remained resilient. Many from her community at Pakke Kessang, were against her move. Her mother’s health issue gave her little time to pursue her interest. Seen as a passion of the elite and affluent it was a challenge for her to learn the ropes and perfect it to click in this competitive space. She  believes in the power of self-belief and personal growth. Sharing her journey, Nadek says, “Last year, I couldn’t make it. That failure brought in me deeper introspection over myself; where do I stand? What exactly I want? Which angle could I improve? Why can’t I get it? This unlatched my mere ambition to the level of learning about my true self and of setting a clearer vision towards my goal.”
When asked about beauty pageants being superficial and focused on glamour, Nadek firmly states, “These perceptions cannot overshadow the true purpose and impact of such competitions. For me, beauty pageants go beyond external appearances and glamour; they serve as a platform for empowerment and upliftment.”
Growing up as a farmer’s daughter, she intimately understands the struggles caused by poverty. This understanding motivated her to work for the welfare of her community. In 2021, Nadek co-founded an NGO called Nature Conservation and Social Organization of Situations (NACSOS), emphasizing the importance of nature conservation for sustainable development. She also serves on the Board of a Farmer Produce Company.
Taking care of her bedridden mother met with an accident at the age of 12, Ms Arunachal says “This experience shaped me into a responsible, independent, and intelligent woman with a compassionate heart”.
Its a dream come true for Nadek Nabum to be crowned Miss Arunachal Pradesh 2023. She worked hard against several challenges to win amid 150 contestants.
Its a dream come true for Nadek Nabum to be crowned Miss Arunachal Pradesh 2023. She worked hard against several challenges to win amid 150 contestants.
Miss arunachal 2023, Nadek Nabum has set her eyes on international beauty pageants. Dream big and believe in yourself she says has been her success mantra.
Nadek is also grateful to her schools and college for providing platforms to showcase her hidden talents and building her confidence. She has actively participated in various curricular and non-curricular activities. She was a state champion in Badminton as a school girl and later played at the national level in 2017.
Nadek wants to take wings. She says “I’m dreaming of participating in national and international beauty pageants”. When asked for her message to young people Nadek urges them to “hold on to your dreams, believe in yourselves, and never be afraid to dream big. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone is essential to discover one’s true potential, and hard work will eventually yield fruitful results.” 
Nadek signed off sharing her success mantra. “To be frank, I was breathing Miss Arunachal, eating Miss Arunachal, sleeping Miss Arunachal and in everything I was thinking about Miss Arunachal. And on the day of my crowning as Miss Arunachal Pradesh, I was so moved because I felt that my heart was being paid off. I have been earnestly waiting for the last five years. Today, I stand as a living example of hard work”.

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