Man Builds A Titanic For Wife.

Subash a Martime Engineer has built a ship like house "S4 Ocean" so his wife would get the feel of being in a ship just like him as he spends months together in a ship.
Subash, a maritime Engineer from Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu, India has built a house that looks like a ship for his family to make their dream of traveling with him come true. The work for the massive ship-like, 4000 square feet house that on a 11,000 square feet plot in the Varanapalayam area in Cuddalore was on  for 2 years.
Subash works as an engineer on cargo ships for the past 15 years.  His job is very demanding and forces him to spend over 6 months consecutively at sea, and away from his family every year.
“My wife always asks me to take her along with me on my journeys, but I work in cargo so it is not possible. That is why I built her this house. Though I cannot take her on the ship I work on I wanted to build her a house that looks and feels like one” Subash told
The house is built with high ceilings, a sun roof, 6 rooms, a swimming pool and a gym. The gym room has direct sunlight and the second floor has a navigation bridge with a view. It also has a monkey island at the very top and a grand stairway at the entrance to perfectly mimic a ship. There is also a facility for water to stay around the house and  lights set up in a way that makes it look like an actual ship moving in water at night. 
The house was Subash’s idea but was designed by his uncle Vijayakumar. It cost them 1.5 crore rupees. 
Subash wants to name their house S4 Ocean. “We are a family of 4 and all our names start with the letter S. That’s why” he said.
Subash’s wife Subashri loves their new home. “My husband had taken me to Malaysia right after our marriage and I loved the ship we travelled by. Since then, I have always been saying that he always gets to go visit countries but I am always stuck in Cuddalore. That is when he surprised me with this dream project. She added “When he is away at sea I too can be on a ship.” Subash’s wife told
“Everyone has an idea of a dream house. This is mine. I have incorporated my job in this project as well.” said Subash. 

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