The Ripon Building Lights Up Dynamically

The 109-year-old iconic white Ripon building dazzles at night and heartens busy Chennaiites to slow down and admire its aesthetics in a whole new colourful way. It’s a fresh addition to Chennai’s night attractions, thanks to the 1.8 crore new dynamic lighting. 

The heritage landmark would be lit up for 4 hours daily. Authorities say the dynamic lighting would consume just 25 units of power per hour which would cost Rs. 800 a day. 

On regular days, dynamic lighting will be on for a shorter duration and static lighting will be lit for most of the time.  While on Sundays and holidays, dynamic lighting  will be longer allowing citizens to admire the heritage site.

Developed as part of Singara Chennai 2.0 of Baeutiful Chennai 2.0, Chief Minister M.K. Stalin inaugurated this a few days ago.

Ripon Building's brand new dynamic lighting would be on for shorter durations during weekdays and for longer hours during weekends.

The two types of RGB LED light fittings utilized for lighting up the building include 169 linear type fittings and 108 round type fittings.

The lighting system opens up possibilities for a range of colour based lighting themes. On the eve of Republic Day and Independence Day, the building which is also the headquarters of the Greater Chennai Corporation  will be illuminated with the tri-color. Pink for World Breast Cancer awareness day, blue and yellow marking the World Down Syndrome Day, blue for World Autism Day, green for World Glaucoma Day and orange for World Multiple Sclerosis Day. 

Urban local bodies across Tamil Nadu  observe mass cleaning on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month. To signify the importance of cleanliness and planting trees, Ripon Building will be lighted with shades of white that represent cleanliness. There would also be shades of  green underscoring the need to increase green cover in the city.


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