Launch A Satellite Like Booking a Cab: The Skyroot Space Shake-up

Vikram 1
In a groundbreaking move, Skyroot Aerospace, the trailblazing space startup, is gearing up to launch Vikram1, a towering seven-storey rocket that promises to revolutionise space exploration. This milestone comes on the heels of the company’s historic achievement in launching Vikram-S, India’s first privately developed rocket, just a year ago.

The multi-stage rocket has a capability to carry 300 KG to low earth orbit. What sets it apart are the innovative technologies employed, featuring an all-carbon fiber structure and 3D printed liquid engines, marking a first in India and a pioneering effort globally.
Skyroot Aerospace envisions a future where launching a satellite is as seamless as booking a cab—swift, precise, and affordable. With minimal range infrastructure required, Vikram1 can be assembled and launched within 24 hours from any launch site, setting new benchmarks in the space industry.
Co-founded by Pawan Kumar Chandana and Bharath Daka, the journey of Skyroot began in 2018, at a time when India lacked policies for space startups. As the first private space company in South Asia, Skyroot made history by signing an MOU with ISRO, with crucial support from India’s space agency. Early funding from visionaries like Mukesh Bansal propelled the company to new heights.
Co-founded by Pawan Kumar Chandana and Bharath Daka, Skyroot received a pre series funding of 27.5 million dollars and aims to emerge a key global player in satellite launches.

Pawan Kumar Chandana, Co-founder and CEO of Skyroot, reflects on the company’s inception, stating, “We started with a leap of faith with a vision for a cutting-edge rocket space launch vehicle from India for the world.” The company has five rounds of funding under its belt, securing a substantial 27.5 million USD in pre-series funding.

Bharath Daka, Co-founder and COO of Skyroot, shares exciting plans for the future, “We have very exciting landmark missions coming up—satellite launches by private companies. This fund-rise will help us invest in the enhancement of our production infrastructure, R&D, and team strength, enabling us to achieve higher launch cadence in the years to come.”

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