This Young Yoga Guru Makes The Blind See Yoga

Prisha a class nine student teaches Yoga to visually challenged children turning Yoga inclusive.
Prisha a class nine student teaches Yoga to visually challenged children turning Yoga inclusive.

13 year old Prisha in India’s Tirunelveli district is emerging to be a Yoga Guru of a different kind. She teaches Yoga to visually challenged children in schools, colleges and  hostels during her free time. Ganesh Kumar, a visually challenged school student who she trained, loves performing Yoga. He was even part of a a world record yoga event. “I’m extremely glad and grateful that my memory power and concentration are improving through the daily yoga” says Ganesh.

Inspired to learn Yoga from her advocate  mother Devi Priya, Prisha took to Yoga when she was just a year and a half. “It is very important to teach yoga to the visually challenged because it helps improving their eyesight, concentration, memory power;  it also gives greater spatial awareness, mental acuity, balance, confidence in movement, and over all physical fitness”,  Prisha told

Prisha has also set more than seventy records in Yoga including performing Yoga swimming, blindfolded, solving  Rubik’s cube, skating and  ambidextrous writing and Hula Hoop cycling.

Prisha has set more than 70 Yoga records and has ben conferred 3 honorary doctorates.

The class nine girl has won championships  in international yoga competitions representing India in Malaysia (2018), Thailand (2019) and received the Global Child Prodigy Award in Dubai (2022). “I am determined to make India proud. As the birthplace of yoga, India has gifted this ancient practice to the world, and I aim to reciprocate by serving India through yoga and Aqua yoga”, Prisha added.

This little prodigy has also been conferred with three honorary doctorates by academic bodies in the US and India. She has also been honoured with around fifty titles. 

The doctor aspirant has some inexplicable talents. She can see through things and even read blindfolded. 

Prisha  has also become an author,  penning a book on yoga therapy titled “Yoga Indrae Seivom Inbum Peruvom”.

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