Uber Poet Drives Poetry. Now A Social Media Sensation

51-year-old Mohamed Nynar is a Uber driver during the day but by evening he turns into a poet and lyricist giving wings to his long time passion of writing Tamil poetry and even lyrics for Tamil films. “I can write in any mood. Its relaxation for me. I write from 12 AM to 2 AM, sometimes even up to 4 AM” said Mr Nynar to tellmystory.in

The Chennai driver has penned around 6000 poems. One of his lyrics even made it to the title song of the film Patra, directed by Jayanthan alias N J Saravanan. Another film featuring his song is awaiting release. Last year he received the Kavichudar award. “Music dominates now, not words. I want to give life to the old form” added Mr Nynar.

For many of his customers traveling in his cab it’s often a pleasant surprise to learn about his literary flair and accomplishments. A short note he has put up in the car with a QR code for his YouTube channel often transports poetry loving passengers to a new world listening to his rendering of his poems. Many also strike a conversation with him during the drive and some even share their poetry or read their poetry for him. They become his fans too. “I am so happy about the respect my words get.” said Mr Nynar to tellmystory.in

Nynar is popular on social media. He has around 14000 followers on Facebook where he publishes a poem, twice a  day.

Uber driver Mohamed Nynar is an award-winning Tamil poet & lyricist who aspires to make it big in Tamil cinema.

His recently  launched youtube channel has more than 4000 followers. Every evening at 5 30 PM he releases his audio rendition of a poem. Speaking about his themes he says “I have 7 playlists: Love, relationship, friends, self.confidence, nature, felicitation and philosophy”. 

Nynar  works hard and is hoping for a big break opportunity in films so he could craft lyrics for many films on a regular basis. Explaining why he said “If a film is hit one can become popular across the world in two and a half hours. I want to use that for community related topics”. His dream is to win a national award.

A native of Ramanathapuram, Nynar says his Tamil teacher Mr Chandrasekhar developed in him an interest towards Tamil. Over the years, he was drawn towards the writings of Lyricist Na Muthukumar, who he regards as his role model.

Nynar’s elder daughter is an MBA, younger daughter is a BA graduate and his son in class XII is a civil service aspirant.

Nynar is in the name of “Nynarin Unarvugal” on social media.

Blog : nynarinunarvugal.blogspot.com 

Facebook Page :  www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100044527025691

YouTube Channel : www.youtube.com/c/NynarinUnarvugal


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