Assam Village Girl Takes Wings As Air Hostess.

Born in a village in Assam, Nancy Basumatari has fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming an Air Hostess. She's now a poster girl for women empowerment.
A village girl from interior Assam is now flying high as an air hostess inspiring many as a poster girl for women empowerment. If you are a frequent flier on SpiceJet chances are you may have seen 25 year old Nancy Basumatari serving as a crew member. Nancy says “flying is not just a job for me, it’s a passion”. 
For high flying Nancy life wasn’t easy. She lost her mother when she was 15. Her father used to work for a tea estate and brought her up and her sister. However Nancy stayed with her aunt in Ranchi. It was a chance meeting with an air hostess as a young girl that inspired Nancy. She says “I love travelling and that day I decided I too should become an air hostess and fly high”. 
As a first step she became active in co-curricular activities; she sharpened her communication skills, developed self-confidence and worked to achieve her goal. Her hard work paid off. She was offered a job by Spice Jet after going through their rigorous recruitment process. After a phase of training she was on her first flight in her new role. “I felt like I am in the sky, flying free with wings spread wide”. She recollected “I had an excellent set of crew who helped me. I even received many blessings from the elderly passengers”.
Seven years into her work, Nancy has now been promoted from CC (Cabin Crew) to CC1 and has flown to more than 15 cities all over India including Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Pune and Dubai. Nancy says “The thing I love the most about my job is that, besides serving passengers I get to travel new places, get to work with new people and above all I get to explore”. Now she aspires to serve on international flights. She’s an  L2 (2nd in command) Position and has been honoured with crew of the month and Sparkling Star of the month awards.
Nancy continues to be a role model and an inspiration for many young girls. She says “I reach out on Instagram and guide many young girls who aspire to scale greater heights”. This career she adds “has shaped me in many ways and made me a better version of myself”. 
When asked for her message to young girls, she said “Believe in yourselves because you can achieve anything and everything under the sky in your life. Keep working hard on yourselves to achieve your goals. Keep yourself motivated and surrounded with positive people”.  

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