Chai Cricket: Card Game Recreates Cricket Excitement

The cards are packed with exciting cricketing elements to re-create the on field magic indoors.

Chennai based former sports journalist Bagawati Prasad has launched a cricket card game, packing India’s favourite sport into a pack of cards. Called “Chai Cricket” it can be played even over a cup of tea.

The pack has sixty cards. Upto four people can play this game. It can be played as a solo game too. While every player would play with six cards, the rest of 36 cards would remain in the pool for players to pick.

Each player gets six turns alternatively to drop a card and pick from the pool or from those dropped by players. Each  picked card has a cricketing element that would take the game forward bringing in the cricket excitement. These include runs, no ball, wide, penalty runs and different forms of outs including leg byes. Bringing in more thrill, there is also a super strike that gets 10 or 12 runs. There are wide combinations as well like  wide plus 4 runs or a no ball plus 6 runs.

Developed by former sports journalist Bagawati Prasad, Cricketers T Natarajan and Vijay Shankar launched Chai Cricket.
Priced at Rs 149 the idea Bagawati says ” is to make the cricketing game short and sweet that can be played over a tea, during travel by car, bus, train or flight”. This he hopes “would also be stress buster or a binding tool among colleagues in offices or workplaces”. Now it can be ordered online for Rs 149 at 
Bagawati says the game is very flexible lending itself to a series of modifications or creativity of the players.  
“Butter Fingers” the start-up he founded had launched a cricketing family board game “10 D” last year. “We aim to turn India a sporting nation by educating and inspiring the next generation as well as their parents  through many offline sports activities”  Bagawati told 
The cricketing season all set to begin with the world cup and IPL lined up, the journo turned entrepreneur hopes this would make this game a part of large number of households. He’s also working on collaborations with corporates for bulk orders as Diwali gift.
You can watch the video version of the story here:

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