Wealth Creation on Top Gear: Start-up Gifts 100 Cars to Employees

The car gift, is a dream come true for Shrie Satheyaa, a Techie with Ideas2IT for five years.

In a first of its kind, Chennai based IT start up company Ideas2IT has gifted a hundred cars for its employees who are with them for five years and above. 

Ms Shrie Satheyaa, a senior software Engineer is a happy lot. She has been with the company for five years and like many of her colleagues this is her first car. She told tellmystory.in “I feel so happy to be part of this company which places employees welfare above everything else. It’s a dream come true for me and a booster dose for a beautiful journey.” Mr Aswin Raj, Technical Architect felt “I am so proud to work here.”

Started twelve years ago by Mr Murali Vivekanandan, who returned from the Silicon Valley, the company that began with just six freshers, is now five hundred strong. The growing start-up’s revenues has been growing by 56% year over year over the last four years. Calling this sharing of wealth, Mr Murali says “They’ve treated this as their own company and have put their blood and sweat. Today is an opportunity to give them our token of thanks. I am very happy.”

The company left it to the employees to decide whether they’d want to receive the reward in cash or on four wheels and they decided to accept cars. 

Ideas2IT is the first Indian IT company to honour 100 employees with 100 cars for their dedication and diligence.

Touted to be the first Indian IT company to honour 100 employees with cars in one go, the company intends to continue this spree every month reaching out to all those who complete five years. Ms Gayathri Vivekanandan, CEO said, “We are proud to be the first Indian IT company to honour 100 employees with 100 cars for their dedication and diligence. They were instrumental towards the company’s growth and success.” 

Mr Murali, added “This is just the begining and there would be other forms of wealth sharing as well”.

The company with presence in India, US and Mexico is into emerging areas including artificial intelligence, maching learning, blockchain among others providing cutting edge software solutions to many fortune companies. The company also figures in the list of fastest growing 5000 companies globally.

There is a severe shortage of IT talent amid pandemic and this gesture is seen as an attempt to both draw and retain talent. However Mr Murali says “We can’t buy anyone with gifts. We really take care of them very well. Our attrition is very low and this is a genuine bid to pay them back for their blood and sweat.”

Mr Murali was able to own a car only when he was  28 during his US stint. “Now I am happy many of our team members would get their first car much early” he says with a sense of pride.


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