Chennai’s Musical Marvel: 235 Voices Unite in ‘Subaho Smayono’ Concert for a Melodic Extravaganza

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In a remarkable first-of-its-kind musical marvel in Chennai, 235 voices came together for the “Subaho Smayono” concert  by ‘Srope Kadheshe’, the Madras Diocesan Choir of the Malankara Orthodox Church. The public concert brought together singers from fifteen Malankara Orthodox churches across Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy and Puducherry.
The multi-lingual  concert with a 30 piece orchestra held on Sunday was a  treat for the ears and soul. A multilingual repertoire including Malayalam, English, Tamil, Greek, and Syriac numbers, it celebrated the rich tapestry of cultures, languages, and faith. 
The concert’s unique 30 member orchestra was a fusion of mathematics and music. “Each note was thoughtfully assigned to a number, creating a composition that captivated the audience’s imagination,” the Flautist from Korea, Kukmi Kim told
Tom Andrews, a businessman is happy he attended the concert. He says “The concert was an incredible blend of diverse voices and languages; truly a musical spectacle that touched my heart.”
Kukmi Kim, a Flautist from Korea mesmerised the audience with her mellifluous performance.

It was not just hymns and gospel numbers. The medley from the popular film “Chemeen” too was sung as an ode to the rich cultural heritage of Indian cinema. The song struck a chord and resonated with the audience, evoking nostalgia. 

The high quality concert, many singers say has drawn them deeper into music. “I am happy I am part of this” said Jeevan, a Singer. Ramya Alex, another vocalist added “It’s a dream come true. When we started practice five months ago we never thought it will be such a massive to this level. We learnt a lot”.

Rinay Prasad, a student created magic on drums. The multi-lingual concert had a 30 member orchestra.
Seventy five year old George Vergese, the oldest of the choristers says, “I’ve been a part of many musical events, but this one was truly special. It showcased the power of music to unite people of all ages.” For Johana, the youngest “Age is just a number when we sing in harmony.”
Anitha Gigi,  a Soprano team member, says “Singing in harmony is like breathing life into the melody, and with each note, I found my heart soaring to new heights”. 
Preeti Susan Thomas, a lead chorister in the Altos summarised “I wish to be part of many such musical journeys and philanthropic endeavors. “Subaho Smayono” demonstrated that when voices unite in harmony, they can create a symphony that resonates deeply within every heart and soul,”.
The “Subaho Smayono” concert was a first-of-its-kind musical celebration”  said Dr. Yuhanon Mar Diascorus, present Metropolitan of the Kottayam Diocese and former Metropolitan of Chennai Diocese, who had  founded Srope Kadheshe in the year 2010. He added “It was Excellent. Everyone is happy. People felt they were in heaven”.
Subaho Smayono also had a noble cause. It earmarked five lakh rupees for charity.
Choir Conductor Vinod Simon who is also the Secretary of Srope Kadheshe, had set the vision for this Concert a year back and had his task cut out to convert his vision into this concert. Meticulous planning and tireless three hour long Sunday rehearsals followed from June. “The dedication and efforts put into this event by everyone was exceptional. It was challenging but it was fun” says Vinod.
The success of “Subaho Smayono” sets a new benchmark for innovation in church music and philanthropy. “It inspires future initiatives that continue to break boundaries and bring together the richness of diversity through the universal language of music,” adds Binu Abraham,  a lead chorister and Treasurer of Srope Kadheshe. 
The ticketed event had a charitable note as well with rupees five lakh earmarked for charity. 


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