“I Want to Hug My Father”: A Mongolian Son’s Search for His Indian Biological Father

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48 year old Tolani Gankhuyag Ganga in Mongolia is desperately trying to locate and meet  his biological father, believed to be a doctor from India. His mother Damdinjav Tsedegmaa, a teacher in Mongolia died in 2019. 
Though he has never seen his father he carries his name and hopes to meet his biological  father at least once. 
The love story, according to his mother Damdinjav Tsedegmaa from Mongolia, he says  dates back to 1974 when Kanchan Kumar Tolani a medico then and she studied language together at Leipzig in Germany. It was then she became pregnant and her parents in the then communist country   did not let her return to Germany to continue her studies. The next year Ganga was born and  the young lovers even remained in touch through letters till 1976. 
Ganga is so fond of his unseen father and misses him so much. At his home he has made a family picture placing his childhood photograph in between the old photo of his mother and her Indian college mate believed to be his biological father.

His mother a Chemistry teacher,  Ganga says  had shared a series of pictures of her Indian partner including both clicked together, some letters he had sent her and a  photograph of his family. With these clues, Ganga is trying hard to locate Kanchan Kumar Tolani. 

Another note suggests Kanchan Kumar Tolani was then from New Delhi’s “Rajari Garten 169” which some say could refer to Rajouri Garden. The same note also refers to Lal Digg’s in Rajasthan, which could refer to Lal Diggi in the state. 

At his home, an emotional Ganga has made a family photo, placing his childhood picture amid an old picture of his mom and his dad clicked during their college days. He says “I want  to see my father and  play with him”. 
Armed with letters written by Kanchan Kumar Tolani, Ganga is on a mission to meet his biological father and hug him.

In one of the letters Kanchan makes kind enquiries about Ganga, the new born then, saying “Greetings to Ganga”. In the same card, another post card, Kanchan and Harish, believed to be his brother writes “”Hearty greetings for Ganga. Wishing him best of his health”. 

If you have any information on Kanchan Kumar Tolani or his family, Ganga appeals to share details to his wife Tsolmon Chuluunchimeg by e mail, at  chuluunaa030788@gmail.com

(Special thanks to Iris Vollnagel, Journalist in Germany for her translations.)


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