If Plastics Live Nature Will Die

Plastic menace has made the land and the sea a toxic cocktail. Picture by Freepik.
We live in a disturbing plastic era, where use of plastic has become increasingly unavoidable. The toxic carrier has made a smooth and strong stay in almost all households and industries.Every time we step out to the shop, we return with a handful of plastics just out of our laziness and dependence on these affordable monsters. Monsters, yes they are!. Because their manufacturing emits hazardous gases and its decomposition takes several decades. 

To get rid of the unwanted plastics you generally trash it, from where it is either burnt, finds its way down the drain or is left at the landfill areas to decompose it. And each time, it just ends up polluting our precious environment. When burnt, high poisonous chemicals are released that not just pollute the air but it can also prove to be deadly. When dumped on the streets, they block the sewage or find their way to water bodies choking the sea life. Being non-biodegradable, even in the landfill plastic wastes contribute to soil pollution, killing plants and animals and spoiling the quality of soil which affects the lives of the poor. Therefore if plastics rein, soon life shall depart from this planet. 

Life or plastic, now is your turn to decide and choose the better. Love for nature is actually love for humanity. We are in a situation that we ought to love and care for our mother earth today in order to save our generation and to pass on this planet to the future generations. If you claim to love people, you’ve to stop irresponsible use of plastic.

Often we are concerned only about ourselves and our comfort and forget to see the consequences of our action, like for instance not carrying reusable bags when we go out shopping  and using  plastic bags instead. So today is the day for us to stop and see where we stand, with  whom we are stand and  for whom we stand. 

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