Sause: Indian Luxury Streetwear Brand From Tamil Nadu Goes Global

Sause, a made in India luxury streetwear projects itself as a fashion for the world brand hoping to build a hype and value around it.
“House of Sause” a new global streetwear brand from India, launched by  a  young  entrepreneur from Salem is turning many heads. Last week the 23 year old founder Akhilesh Ashok made a splash in Italy by hosting a launch Fashion Show at Milan, followed by popups in other fashion capitals Paris, Amsterdam and London. The brand’s Instagram page’s first reel clocked 2 lakh views on day one. “It’s India’s fashion to the world. After the pandemic Indians are ready to spend, they want to look good. It’s time for Indian fashion to evolve in this niche market globally than just being consumers of international brands from other countries”, Akhilesh told
Targeting the exclusive fashion  conscious affluent segment, the luxury streetwear brand has launched unisex  oversized  T shirts, crew necked T shirts, oversized and deconstructed hoodies and crop top for women. The designer wears designed and made in India are priced between Rs 3899// and Rs 7700//, sold only online from the 25th of this month on  “We believe in experimental and bold styles. The pieces are nonchalantly loud and instantly recognisable” said Akhilesh.
Streetwear fashion thrives on hype generated by celebrities including actors and cricketers in India. Akhilesh plans to engage many cricketers and celebrities to wear these outfits as part of the launch campaign. The company is also working on a collaborations with Rapper Irfana Hameed and Candian music  producer Yanchan Rajmohan. “People should find value in our pieces” adds Akhilesh.
Founder Akhilesh Ashok and his team has built this brand in a year.
House of Sause’s first launch, themed  “Prints of Epiphany” Akhilesh says has the finest 9 luxury limited edition streetwear designs among the around 90 designs originally made.
The B Com graduate from Loyola College and a fashion buff from a family of chartered accountants has bootstrapped this venture with a good team of fashion designers and  marketing  professionals. It took just a year for the team to give shape to this concept, thanks to his exploits in entrepreneurial events and leadership roles at Loyola. Upbeat with reviews at the international launches he’s hopeful of a sellout in the global arena.
Inspiring young aspirants, the budding fashion entrepreneur motivates them to follow their passion. “Well, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Don’t be afraid to try. It’s okay to fail. Put your heart and soul into what you are doing. Trust the process. The process is bigger than the result” he says.

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