Skating To A Melodic Beat

Victoria Isaac is a Skate Dancing sensation who turns heads with her music and skating skills.
Victoria Isaac is a Skate Dancing sensation who turns heads with her music and skating skills.

Meet Victoria, a remarkable young talent wowing audiences with her extraordinary blend of skate dancing and musical prowess. At just seven, Victoria has already taken the dance skating world by storm, winning three gold medals at the prestigious 9th National Level Dance Skate Sport and Events Championship. But her story is more than just about sporting success; it’s a tale of passion, dedication, and the power of combining two artistic passions into one mesmerizing performance.

The grade 2 Chennai based home schooler’s love for music began as a toddler. Surrounded by musical instrument toys  and inspired by performances of musical prodigies like Lydian Natheswaran, she developed a deep connection to melody and rhythm from an early age. However, it was her introduction to skating at the age of two that sparked her creativity and set her on a path of artistic exploration.

As she grew older, Victoria’s passion for both skating and music blossomed into a unique artistic vision: to combine the two in a captivating fusion of movement and melody. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Lindsey Stirling, who seamlessly integrates dance with violin performances, Victoria set out to master both skate dancing and musical instrumentation.

Skate dancing with instruments was her own idea. She started with speed skating and soon began to dance while playing the violin. She also dance skates with the melodica and guitar, showcasing her versatility.

A multi-instrumentalist, proficient in six different instruments, including the violin, keyboard, drums, melodica, guitar and ukulele, she incorporates  these into her skate routines, adding an extra layer of depth and complexity to her performances, captivating audiences with her melodic moves and rhythmic beats.

Her parents are entrepreneurs. Isaac, Victoria’s father, says, “Every day except Sunday, she practices music for 6-7 hours. Violin alone takes 3.5 hours, and the other instruments take one hour each.”

Proficient in six musical instruments ,Victoria aspires to showcase her talent on a larger stage

Rachel Isaac, Victoria’s mother, adds, “She’s mostly a self-learner. She listens to a song a couple of times, and if she likes the music, she can play it on any instrument she knows, though the notes may not be perfect. She learns the western style of violin online and follows the western style for the keyboard as well. She also goes to a music class nearby and watches performances by Abhijit, Lindsey, and Karolina on YouTube.”

With unwavering determination and creativity, Victoria embarked on a journey to hone her skills in both disciplines.  She has developed a repertoire of talents that sets her apart from her peers – from gliding gracefully across the rink to executing intricate dance moves.

As Victoria’s journey continues to unfold, she aspires to showcase her talent on a larger stage and push her boundaries.

Victoria says, “At the age of 2, I was watching others skate, then started to learn skating. Now, I am passionate to be a skate dance musician myself.”


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