Underwater Yoga Spectacle in Lakshadweep

25 divers performed stunning Yoga performance under waters for an hour in Lakshadweep.

It was a  yoga spectacle under water in Lakshadweep as 25 divers performed under crystal clear and turquoise coral lagoon waters of Bangaram Island, on the 21st  celebrating International Day of Yoga. 

The divers, equipped with oxygen cylinders performed several stunning yoga asanas and formations for an hour. 

At the end they also displayed a banner under water with the message “Yoga for Humanity”. 

Organised by the Tourism Department of Lakshadweep, an officer told tellmystory.in “Our divers team practised for 3 days for this”.

A statement from the Lakshadweep administration said “Underwater workouts minimise stress and maximise benefits”.

The Yoga spectacle celebrated International Day of Yoga.

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