Wood Chipper Turns Heads With A Green Solution

An automotive  component maker in Chennai has designed a mobile wood chipper which  simplifies disposing trimmed branches of trees or chopped trees in an eco-friendly way. 

The innovation by Mr M Balachandran, Partner, Delta Control Systems also has a plastic shredder that could make transportation of plastic wastes a lot easier besides new use for shredded plastic wastes.

The machine, housed in a mini van slices tree branches  into smaller chips of one to two inches long instantly, dispensing the need to transport the logs for disposal. Mr Balachandran says the innovation could be a boon for local bodies like city corporations, municipalities and panchayats who normally transport these on trucks to dispose after trimming. 

“The advantage is, the compact machine can be taken to any site. The wooden chips can be used as manure for the same trees. These can be filled along plantations on highway  medians as mulch to prevent growth of weeds”. He adds “The trips saved would cut down on carbon footprint as well”.n

Developed by Mr M Balachandran, the mobile unit he says could help local administrations keep cities clean.

Exnora, the civic body that works towards preserving nature and preventing environmental degradation has already deployed this at public parks, highways and at the Ambattur Industrial Estate for its pruning operations. Mr Mohan, a volunteer says “The biggest advantage is we are able to dispose the wood chips right at the source. The layer of chips put around trees also retains water, so water consumption is less.” 

The plastic shredder he explains could shred  plastic of any thickness. “Presently the chain involves  a circuitous route involving rag pickers and scrap merchants before they are recycled. This compresses plastic at the site itself” says Mr Balachandran. 

The former Banker passionate about eco-friendly solutions has been part of such initiatives in the past. He says this equipment would cost around nine lakh rupees without the vehicle and it could come down by 20% if the the production is scales up.


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