A HR Start-Up by Women Restarting Career After Break

Velocida, an all woman HR start up employs women restarting their career after a break. It offers flexible work schedule so they could take wings and scale heights.

After a 4 year career break to spend quality time with her two children 32 year old software professional Abhinaya Vinoth in Chennai wanted to restart her career with a job that would give her the flexibility to attend to her school going kids too. That’s when she learnt about and joined Velocida, an all woman HR start up that welcomes such women making a come back. “I don’t have any stress at work. The company allows me to start my work  late in the morning  after my kids go to school, Abhinaya told tellmystory.in 

Further north in Nagpur more than 1000 KM away, 31 year old Renuka Pandey, an MBA and a mother of a 2 1/2 year old child too has joined the company making a shift from digital marketing to HR. She didn’t want a full time job that demands long  laptop hours. She says Velocida offers “Work at your place, work at your pace” opportunity and even if I am unable to call a candidate at an appointed time “my Manager Ms Sonali would pitch in take care. The supportive behaviour by colleagues is amazing as they understand better”. 


Founded by Subhalakshmi Srikanth, a HR professional with 25 years experience with leading IT majors, it all began when she had to take a break due to a challenging situation at home, giving up a lucrative job. “Even many ambitious women give up their career dreams when they don’t get the right opportunity after a career break and I wanted to change this” says Subhalakshmi. “In HR industry for instance, the supply is more than the demand and many women aren’t welcome after a career break ” Subhalakshmi explains. 

Subhalakshmi Srikanth a HR veteran founded the start-up roping in women with career break after she herself restarted after a break
Besides career break for personal and family related reasons the pandemic, many say triggered a new wave of a career break due to job losses. 27 year old Akshaya J who heads client relations was the first to join Velocida after a eight month break. She was excited by Subhalakshmi’s  vision when both worked together earlier. “Velocida is my first baby. Though I am from finance background she nurtured me. We have timelines but we all support each other. I love this” she says.

The bootstrapped company  offering hiring, training and development besides end to end HR services for startups has given a new lease of career for 12 such women including a few abroad”. With 17 clients and a strong advisory board, Velocida says the all woman start up would soon “create opportunities for other genders too with a commitment for diversity and inclusion. “We are not compromising on performance. We offer great flexibility” she says.

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