A Toddler Master Blaster in Chennai

2 year old SA Sri Saihish has made it to India Book of Records, after he performed 18 fitness activities in Chennai.
2 year old SA Sri Saihish has made it to India Book of Records, after he performed 18 fitness activities in Chennai.

Toddler SA Sri Saihish is perhaps one of the few toddler record holders in India. The Chennai lad has set a record in the Indian Book of Records for “Maximum Fitness Activities Performed by a Toddler”  when he was just  2 years and 11 months in May, performing 18 different fitness activities including walking on a treadmill, air squats, dumbbell squats, cable row and balancing on a stability ball.

Saihish has this in his blood. His father  Sudharshan is a fitness Coach who owns the “Curative Health Studio” in the city. He’s also the 2018 Asia Kettlebell Champion. His Mom, Anandhi is a Physiotherapist and a fitness freak. However the parents say they  never had any intention of involving their son in their interests.

“Saihish effortlessly completed a 0.7 km kids outdoor run  for for two years consecutively. This was when I recognised his potential. He also tries to imitate my clients and I when we train. That is when I started giving him fitness activities like hurdles, which I was surprised when he could complete with ease and I thought it deserved recognition” Sudharshan told tellmystory.in

Saihish's dad Sudarshan is a Fitness Coach and mother Anandhi is a Physiotherapist. However both say they are not pushing the toddler into fitness.

Saihish does difficult acts with ease, like balancing on a fitness ball, which even adult trainees find it difficult.That was when the parents decided to contact The Indian Book of Records.“I have never pushed anything onto him but I am still very happy that he has taken an interest to fitness. I never have to tell him to do anything, he just does it himself. If I am working out, he just goes and picks up his little pink dumbbells and joins me” said Sudharshan.

Saihish is now in kindergarten and his teachers too are surprised how good he is at any given physical activity. Just like the other kids he tends to get distracted during other activities but during yoga sessions and physical exercises he is very focused and dedicated.

The couple now wants to encourage Saihish to develop into an inspiring sportsperson. “He just turned three on June 7th, he is only a toddler and does not really know what he has accomplished. Setting  a record was never in my plans for him. But now my dream for him is to enter the sports field and win a few medals for India” says Sudarshan. The dad adds  “Ultimately, that is only if he is interested and wants to pursue sports seriously once he is older”.

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