Centum Girls. Chiseling A Perfect Score

Nandhini, a Carpenter's daughter chiseld a perfect 600 out of 600. She wants to become a Chartered Accountant.
Nandhini, a Carpenter's daughter chiseld a perfect 600 out of 600. She wants to become a Chartered Accountant.
Girls have not only outperformed boys in  class twelve exams but have demonstrated how they are chiseling themselves with determination to win top honours in studies kindled by their impoverished or  humble situation. 
Nandhini, a carpenter’s daughter in  Tamil Nadu’s Dindigul district has set a record securing 600 out of 600 in class twelve examinations scoring centum in all subjects. The Commerce student wants to pursue B Com and  plans to become a chartered accountant. Attributing her success to her teachers and parents, Nandhini says the “poverty in the family motivated her to work hard and Excel in studies”. She added  “I didn’t want to give up because of our family situation. That inspired me to change things around with academic excellence. If everyone can have self confidence anything can be achieved”.  Tamil Nadu Chief Minister has assured Nandhini of government support for her higher 
Ahed Mohan, a Chennai Model sporting Tula's short Kurta and shorts.
In Chennai’s Perambur, Gayathri has emerged topper among schools run by the Greater Chennai Corporation. She has secured 592 scoring a centum and 98 in all other papers. Her mother works for a fruit store and dad is an assistant at a private library. Speaking from their humble home she told tellmystory.in Gayathri says “Only education can transform our life. Just focus on your goal and path”.
In another part of Chennai, there’s celebration along the street on Waltax Road. Monisha, a daughter of a sweeper with the Chennai Corporation has scored 499 marks. She lives in a make shift one roomed home with a tin sheet roof, adjoining a temple. Monisha wants to become an IPS Officer. On what motivates her, she says “We should never lose hope looking at our present condition. Education or our talent would transform lives”. 

Monisha a sweeper's daughter and an accomplished cricketer says "Work Hard. Don't give up looking at your present condition".
Monisha is also an accomplished cricketer who was part of the Street Children Cricket World Cup winning Indian team. She  used spend much part of her time on the pavements. Few years ago she was identified and nurtured by Karunalaya an NGO that works to educate and uplift street children. Monisha wants to join a Chennai college that would nurture her cricketing talent too. Dr N Paul Sunder Singh, Founder & Secretary of Karunalaya says “Monisha meticulously followed our instructions in studies and sports. These less privileged children can achieve anything if we give them the right opportunity”.

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