Dine in Rajinikanth’s Car. Vichitra’s Experiential Dining

Guests enjoying their food seated in the Jil Jung car.
Coming from a family that made crackers for ages at Sivakasi, Hotelier Vichitra Rajasingh has shifted gears and established a cracker of a restaurant “CineSuvai” that offers experiential dining in Madurai.
The first of its kind restaurant in the temple City that can seat 300 guests transports diners to a world of cinema sets with a range of popular cinema themed dining sections that strikes a chord with their favourite films, scenes or stars.
The major attraction and a rush among guests  is to eat in a 70 foot long train coach converted into a swanky rail coach dining hall, with even a private dining area. Many superhit films including Thillana Mohanambal and Varnam Aayiram have been shot in trains. 
On the ‘railway platform’ outside the train coach are two cars including Superstar Rajinikanth’s black taxi named Lakshmi from his film Padikaathavan. His famous dialogue “Lakshmi start aagadhu” is stuck over it. The other is a flourescent pink Ambassador and both cabs have been modified to seat guests. 
Following her successful venture in Madurai, Vichitra Rajasingh wants to take her experiential restaurants to other tier two cities.
“Theatres and food are two major entertainments in Madurai and we have combined these. We have designed everything to breathe films” says Vichitra Rajasingh, the Founder.
Striking a chord with the social media crazy youngsters “all our dining sections are Instagramable” adds Vichitra.
Other filmy themes include a motorbike hanging over a casino table, taking a leaf out of Actor Ajit’s Mangatha, a rural section that captures a slice of a village. There’s also a park set up with umbrellas hanging overhead.
During the weekends live bands and flash mob entertain guests, enhancing the entertainment quotient. “The Hundred Face Man” who dresses up as popular stars and comedians engages with diners. 
This train coach converted into a swanky dining hall is a major attraction at CineSuvai.

The walls have foodie spoof versions of popular film dialogues written all over.

It was her father Mr Rajasingh Chelladurai,  Vichitra says had diversified into hotel and restaurant ventures in 1993, mainly to entertain his business guests at Sivakasi. A school girl then Vichitra pursued hotel management and has given shape to her dream project. Now she plans to expand this multi cuisine restaurant model to tier two cities across Tamil Nadu.

Scaling new heights in a male dominant industry Vichitra says her father is her inspiration to “dream very big,  push boundaries, stay ahead of the game and do something new always.”

“Quality” is my success recipe she adds saying “we ensure every dish is checked before it goes to the table, we address complaints then and there to ensure a steady flow of our clientele.”

When asked for her message for aspiring entrepreneurs, Vichitra says “Dream big, think out of the box and push out of your comfort zone.”


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