EV Battery Fires: IIT Madras’ Formula Racing Solution

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A battery technology  incorporated in the electric formula racing car IIT Madras has developed aims to  fix the problem of batteries going up in flames in electric vehicles.  

Named RFR 23 the electric racing car will reach a 100 KM speed in 4 seconds. On their battery technology, Parthi Lathi, a fourth-year civil engineering student.
 tellmystory.in “We have done lots of work. We have a well designed cooling system to make sure even under high loads and acceleration the battery will remain cool” said 
Developed by a 45 student strong “Team Raftar”,  a multi disciplinary team from 10 disciplines, Prof V Kamakoti, the institute’s Director blames electric vehicle battery fires on “battery management and thermal management issues”. He added “Imagine testing the battery on a 160 KM speed car that runs for 30 minutes on a race track and if we  perfect it and put it in a car I think we are going to solve the problem”. 
With lots of in house technology. “Anything you want in domestic vehicles trickles down from F1. Ultimately what we may develop here will be implemented in commercial vehicles” said Karthik Karumanchi, a fourth-year BTech student, on if their efforts should focus on day to day automotive challenges for larger population than formula cars. He added “the popular ABS technology was originally in F1 cars”. 
The team aims to participate in the national “Formula Bharat” competition in January 2023 before the “Formula Germany” competition in August next year.
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