India’s Rising Star Photographer: Tanishq Arun Shines at the International Photography Awards 2023

Tanishq Arun
Tanishq Arun, a professional photographer from Chennai studying in Canada  is on cloud 9. Two of his photographs have won a honourable mention in the International Photography Awards 2023 in the non professional category. 
Tanishq has specialised in shooting Kickboxing. He is a regular invitee to Kickboxing events and his pictures appear on their promotions.  One of the two pictures has captured the expression of a kickboxer after the player had won the finals at the Indian open international kickboxing championship. The image is shot at a unusual point of view and emphasizes on the raw expression of the subject
The other is a wildlife photograph showing two cows on a synchronised movement clicked in western ghats.
Speaking to  Tanishq It’s good to have my work kickboxing and synchronicity win an award at the prestigious IPA 2023. It’s a stepping stone. I want to contribute to improve photography in India”.
Originally from Chennai and now studying Photography in Canada, Tanishq Arun wants to change the way people look at Photography in India.
Tanishq’s parents are Dentists and he literally grew up around vintage cameras as his father Dr Arun a camera collector with more than 4000 vintage cameras runs Dr Arun’s Photography and Vintage Camera Museum in Chennai that has the largest collection of film cameras in the world.  His mother Dr Aarthi Arun too is an accomplished international Powerlifter. 
On what’s his photographic dream, Tanishq says ” I want to educate a lot of people on the artistic side of photography, to change an dimprove the way people see photography as an art and a business. I want to enhance it to global standards”.
This award winning picture of Tanishq Arun captures two cows on a synchronised movement, clicked in western ghats.
Tanishq encourages photography aspirants and enthusiasts to move out of saturated spaces like wedding photography. On emerging photography career opportunities, Tanishq emphasises “real estate photography, documentary photography and astro photography or star trails” have huge opportunities”. 
Asked about the impact of artificial intelligence, Tanishq believes photography would not be much impacted. “AI for instance wouldn’t know who’s getting married in a wedding ceremony or who is playing in a sport. You need a photographer there to click” Tanishq says.

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