Meet Youngest TEDx Speaker Kiara, 5

5 year old Kiara the youngest TEDx speaker says she has read more than 2000 books.

Five year old Indian American girl Kiara Kaur,  has become  the youngest TEDx speaker in the world. The World Book of Records, London has acknowledged this after the grade I  student in Abu Dhabi now, addressed a TEDx meet  organised by TEDx Rankala Lake  in Maharashtra on Sunday November 14th, Children’s Day. She spoke   on  “Unboxing Curiosity”. 

Earlier in February Kiara had set a world record by  reading 36 books non-stop in 1 hour and 45 minutes. 
Speaking to, an excited Kiara says “it feels great”. The little girl who has a passion for reading  has turned into an engaging conversationalist after  reading around 2000 books. Talking about her twin passion to read and speak Kiara says, “I have lots of stories to share. Many people call me chatterbox, gabby and even a talking machine. I have lots of stories to share with them”.
Cover page of the Kiara's soon to be published work
Organisors of the TEDx event say Kiara the youngest among the ten speakers  thoroughly “inspired the audience taking the them through her journey” says Gaurav Ghewade, the Licensee. He added “Earlier  a 7 year old was the youngest TEDx to our knowledge”.
Kiara has also bloomed into an author . Her book  “Dairy of a 5 Year Old Genius Chatterbox Who Set  World Records” is in print. “It chronicles her journey in her own words” says her mother Dr Little Mahendra who is a Dean at a dental college. 
Born in the US, Kiara  spent a few years there including a stint at a nursery school  before her doctor parents moved to the Gulf. Its early nurturing by her US based grand parents Lt. Col MP Singh and Dr. Rita Batra, the mother says phenomenally developed her personality.
Kiara, her proud parents say, was born after a five year wait. “I try to spend as much as time possible with Kiara” said her dad, Dr Ravi MJ, an Orthodontist. 
The child prodigy says her mother motivates her. She gets to spend time with her friends but doesn’t watch movies. 
The family denies they push their child to set records. Her mother Dr Little says “We only support her in all her endeavours, so she loves to do what she does. Reading is her passion”. 
She added “She also knows basic spoken French and Spanish. she thinks language can connect with wider population. We only support her”.

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