Neravy’s Resurrected Clock: A Timeless Tale of Community and Dedication

Iconic clock tower at Neravy, silent for two decades, chimes joyfully again after a heartfelt restoration
Iconic clock tower at Neravy, silent for two decades, chimes joyfully again after a heartfelt restoration
In the quiet town of Neravy, where time had seemingly stood still for two decades, an event that unfolded touched the hearts of its residents and breathed life back into a cherished piece of their history. After 24 long years, the iconic heritage tower clock that graced a local mosque chimed following its restoration. 
This unbranded German marvel, crafted in the 1860s, had witnessed generations pass beneath its majestic presence. Originally a 16-foot tower, it had been extended to a towering 57-foot monument of timekeeping excellence. However, as the years rolled by, several clocksmiths had declared it beyond repair, dooming it to a silent existence.
Then, a glimmer of hope appeared on the horizon. A dedicated team of clock enthusiasts, led by Chennai’s Robert Kennedy, a Guinness World Record holder for his extensive collection of mechanical clocks, took on the Herculean task of restoration. The tower, shrouded in rust and neglect, posed a formidable challenge. With just a foot and a half wide entrance and no access for maintenance, the odds seemed insurmountable. 
Master Clocksmith Nagaraj: A Showcase of Indian Expertise, Restoring Time's Heartbeat with Skill and Dedication.
Robert’s masterful Clocksmith, Nagaraj, became the magician of Neravy. Tirelessly, he toiled for ten to twelve hours each day, dismantling the clock piece by intricate piece. The parts underwent three rounds of meticulous cleaning, including a unique blend of petrol and diesel. Amidst these trials, they faced the loss of the clock’s winding key and a vital bearing. Undeterred, Robert and his team handcrafted replacements, determined to bring back the clock’s former glory.
As the repair stretched across six days, the anticipation in Neravy reached a fever pitch. When the clock finally chimed to life after two silent decades, tears flowed freely among the townsfolk. One elderly resident summed up the collective sentiment, saying, “I never imagined I’d hear the clock chime in my lifetime. I can die joyfully now.”
Robert Kennedy told “Though we were confident of restoring the clock, I had little doubt in the corner of my mind. When it ticked and chimed we were so thrilled. It is a miracle”.  
Neravy’s resurrected clock serves as more than just a timekeeping device; it is a testament to the indomitable spirit of community and the power of dedication. In the face of adversity, a small town came together to breathe life into a silent sentinel of their past, reminding us all that even in the quietest moments, history can still speak to our hearts.
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