Past And Present Postmen Unite In ‘Harkara’. In Theaters August 25th.

Directed by Ram Arun Castro, Harkara is the story of India's first Postman.
Directed by Ram Arun Castro, Harkara is the story of India's first Postman.
Ram Arun Castro’s Historic Drama Revives the Era of Postmen in a Tale of Past and Present.
“Delivering emotions across time” takes on a whole new meaning in Director Ram Arun Castro’s “Harkara,” a captivating historic drama that unearths the legacy of India’s 170-year-old postal system over two centuries. In this genre-defying narrative, the film deftly weaves the stories of two postmen—one in the year 1870 and another in the present day—whose lives become entwined through a shared connection with the remarkable history of the Harkara.
Long before the British colonial era, the Moguls introduced the Harkara system in Bengal, using devoted runners and horseback travel to swiftly deliver messages. It was the British who later formalised this concept into the postal system as we know it today, marking a significant chapter in India’s history.

For Director Ram Arun Castro, “Harkara” is more than just a cinematic endeavor; it’s a personal journey down memory lane. Reflecting on his father’s overseas travels during the 90s, Castro told, “We had only letter communication and letters were precious. The postman played an important role in my life.” This profound connection fuels the authenticity and emotion captured in the film.
At the heart of “Harkara” lies the story of a contemporary postman, disillusioned by the modern world, who embarks on a transformative journey. When he is introduced to the glorious past of postmen, revered as heroes a century ago, his perception shifts. As he learns about their remarkable feats and their multifaceted skills encompassing martial arts, swimming, and linguistic prowess, his own path takes an unexpected turn.
Ram Arun Castro’s multi-faceted role as writer, actor, and director infuses “Harkara” with authenticity and passion. The film’s ensemble cast features Kali Venkat and Gauthami, further adding depth to the narrative.
Audiences are eagerly anticipating the release of “Harkara,” which is set to grace theaters on August 24th. The film’s two-hour runtime promises an immersive experience, drawing viewers into the world of postmen who, for centuries, served as vital links connecting hearts, homes, and histories. As “Harkara” embarks on its cinematic journey, it encourages us all to ponder the enduring significance of human connections, the power of communication, and the timeless stories that traverse the sands of time.

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