Photos & Paintings by Hearing Impaired a Sell-out: Inclusive Madras Day

Madras Day has turned inclusive this year. A first of its kind exhibition of 20 photographs and paintings by hearing impaired artists wowed art and photography enthusiasts at the Museum of Possibilities in Chennai. The displays have captured the city’s landmarks, life and culture.
As you enter, Simron Magima Raj’s painting of Chennai’s iconic Ripon building and an auto rickshaw in the foreground draws everyone’s attention. “Ripon Building is white. Auto is yellow. It is famous and everywhere” tells Simron to on the theme of his painting. 
P Rohith’s photograph of a flower seller at a temple captures the spiritual side of the city. “I want to become a fashion photographer and turn into an Editor one day” says the art student pursuing his second degree. 
N Kavitha, the woman photographer’s picture of a woman along Parry’s Corner says “I have become confident of my work now. I want more hearing impaired women to take up photography.”
Sixteen of the twenty photographs and paintings by hearing impaired artists were sold at the inclusive exhibition as part of Madras Day celebrations.
The exhibition also offered a workshop for artists on photography and paintings by renowned photographer Srivatsan Sankaran who sells his photographs as NFTs. “I want to make them independent they way I pursued photography and turned independent” said Srivatsan.
The exhibition drew both abled and differently abled  art enthusiasts. “Its a great idea. Art is for everyone” said Chitrakala, a visitor. Saloni  added “Chennai is a diverse city that welcomes everyone.”
Sixteen of the twenty photographs and paintings were sold at Rs 3500// each endorsing top-notch talent. 
Explaining the idea behind this initiative, “Skills can be given to anyone but inspiration doesn’t come easy. We want Namma Chennai to be everyone’s Chennai” said Shwetha Raju the Curator of the exhibition and Director, Wright Intended.

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