Skyroot Co-founders Share 526 Crore Start-up Success Mantra

Pawan Chandana and Naga Bharath Daka want to make rocket launches as simple as cab booking.
The successful launch of India’s first privately built rocket by Hyderabad based start-up Skyroot Aerospace has taken start-ups in India to a new high. Co-founded by Pawan Chandana and Naga Bharath Daka the start-up had already raised 526 crore rupees funding and its maiden  launch success has given the former IITians a new fillip to raise more funds. The team wants to turn rocket launches as easy as booking a cab. 
Sharing their star-up success story, on choosing the right team,  Pawan says “Always hunt for  people who’s so obsessed with what they love so much. That would give that X factor.  You’d get such spark. That would give the X factor for the company”. 
On the key challenge of funding, Naga explains “if it requires lots of funding and is technologically challenging  and if you are convinced about market opportunity and if you are able to communicate the future narrative to investors and showcase the execution capability, this is possible”. Pawan adds “building a high value company would automatically get funding”. 
Defining start-up as “With minimal resources trying to achieve something really big. Ours is a small example of that.
Vikram S, India's first privately built rocket successfully put 3 payloads in the sub orbital space at an altitude of 85 KM.
On how did they zero in on the  problem and a plausible solution by the start up Pawan explains “the biggest challenge today is the cost to go to space is very high and it’s still unreliable as we have a good amount of failure. We wanted to build a vehicle that’s cost effective and reliable. That would address a large amount of market in the space segment. Sky is the limit”. Adding his perspective, Naga said “if you are convinced about market opportunity in the domain however technologically or capital expenditure wise challenging it’s worth giving an attempt, sometimes it pans out well like in our case”. 
While Skyroot’s maiden success has exponentially increased its valuation, Naga says “Creating value is more important than valuation. 
In  a first for India,Vikram C has its core parts made of carbon fibre and its engines designed by 3D printers The start up has lined up a series of launches including missions scaling 500 KM altitude.
Don’t miss the video conversation with Skyroot Co-founders Pawan Chandana and Naga Bharath Daka:

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