Amrit Ramnath: India’s New Independent Music Sensation

An independent musician who does ticketed live performances, Amrit says he was largely influenced by legends Lalgudi Jayaraman, John Meyer, A R Rahman & Pakistani Singer Hassan.

Amrit Ramnath is the new music sensation in India. Son of renowned Carnatic Vocalist Bombay Jayashri, recently  Amrit launched “Manase”,  his first independent production. “Its about celebration of self-love” says the 24 year old Vocalist. He explains “the album captures the inner voice”. “Often” he says “We hear voices within, that say  you are not good enough, giving a sense of insecurity. We often don’t vocalise it. The song reiterates we can come to terms with it”.

Co-written by Australia based Madhuranthaki, from Sri Lanka, Amrit said “She’s incredible.  I came up with the concept and she wrote it”.
Amrit has also released “Nee Ozhi” on a selection of philosophical verses of Subramania Bharathi, besides Hindi and Urdu albums including  “Amira” a 5 song Hindi album. He wrote lyrics for two of these.
From Chennai’s “The School KFI”, Amrit enrolled with University of London for a honorary degree in Western Philosophy. This allowed him to work more on his passion, music.
An independent musician who does ticketed live performances,  Amrit’s albums are also largely consumed on popular musical platforms including  Spotify and  Apple, besides YouTube. He says he was largely influenced by musical icons  Lalgudi Jayaraman, John Meyer, A R Rahman and Pakistani Singer Hassan.
Amrit says he was inspired by both his parents, carnatic vocalist mom Bombay Jayashri and CA cum Poet dad Ramnath. He even performed a jugalbandhi concert with his mother recently. “I was immensely influenced by my mother. I look up to her. She’s a teacher, friend and mentor”.
On his long term musical vision, Amrit says “I want to be a performing musician”.

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