Futuristic Hyperloop by IIT Madras Students Zooms to Global Recognition in Edinburgh Competition

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In a remarkable feat of innovation, a team of students from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras has left the world awestruck with their groundbreaking Hyperloop project. Their brainchild “Team Avishkar,” recently clinched global recognition at an international competition held in the enchanting city of Edinburgh. What sets this achievement apart is that the IIT Madras squad was the sole non-European contingent to earn a coveted nomination.
The cornerstone of their innovation lies in a transportation pod designed to traverse at mind-boggling speeds ranging from 1000 to 1200 kilometers per hour within a vacuum tube. A pivotal departure from traditional modes of transport, this pod is wheel-less, relying on the magic of magnetic levitation to glide seamlessly through its tunnel.
Ankit Bansal, the Chief Engineer says, “India is poised to spearhead the Hyperloop revolution.” He underscores the project’s eco-friendly credentials, asserting, “This is a sustainable mode of transport that leaves no emissions in its wake, making it a superior alternative to air travel.”
Jaygupta, another brilliant mind in the team, adds, “It’s a game-changing technology capable of hurtling passengers at 1000 kilometers per hour. Imagine, a trip from Chennai to Bengaluru could be completed in just 30 to 40 minutes, at a cost as low as Rs 3000.”
One standout feature of this futuristic transportation system is its ability to take off from city centers, eliminating the need for time-consuming commutes to airports. The project received essential financial support from major Indian entities such as L&T, Indian Railways, and Tata Steel.
Pranav Shingal, the Team Head of Avishkar, extends an invitation to corporates, urging them to collaborate and share their technical and intellectual prowess to further enhance the project.
With a 400-meter-long vacuum tube coming up on their satelite  campus outside the city, the team is poised for further breakthroughs. Their aspirations extend to hosting a global Hyperloop competition, cementing India’s position at the forefront of cutting-edge transportation technology. In 2021, the team was duly recognized for their scalable design, an accolade that only fuels their passion to shape the future of transportation. 
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