Gadget-Free Challenge. Are You Ready?

Gadget-Free Hour on the 20th November, World Children’s Day.

How about an hour without gadgets but just quality time with family or children to experience the joy of connection? 
ParentCircle, a popular parenting platform in India is campaigning for an hour long gadget-free time tomorrow, November 20th, World Children’s Day to help parents and children discover the joy of interaction without gadgets.
Ringing alarm bells, ParentCircle says “The mental well being of children and their confidence have suffered amid the pandemic as all of them got hooked on to devices for work from home and virtual learning. That’s not all. Face to face interaction too suffered a hit; although parents and children work under the same roof there is a break in relationship” said Ms Nalina Ramalakshmi, the Founder of ParentCircle to
"Its time for both parents and children to use tech smartly" says Ms Nalina Ramalakshmi, Founder of Parent Circle as she campaigns for "Gadget Free Hour".
Into the third year of this campaign, the community is urging parents and children to also sign up for it’s 2 week gadget-free challenge in a bid to make this a habit. During this period families would receive a five minute fun activity to try every day. “Even ten to fifteen minutes everyday could work out to  a significant family  time every week” explains Ms Ramalakshmi. 
While smartphones have made it easier for employers including the government and corporates to extract work even after working hours, ParentCircle is against imposing any restrictions against them. She says “the key is  motivation, and it should not come from external agencies”.
In 2019, the platform says an estimated 17 million people had joined the campaign. The following year it rose to 47 million amid the lockdown and this year too ParentCircle hopes there would be a significant rise in numbers.
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