Sky’s No Limit: Govt School Girls Triumph In Aeromodelling

A team of four girls from the Government Adi Dravida Schools in Tamil Nadu has emerged among the top three teams in South India in the IIT Boeing National Aeromodelling Competition.
An aero modelling team of four  girls from government Adi Dravida schools in Tamil Nadu have emerged among the top three teams in South India in the  IIT – Boeing  National Aero Modelling competitions. They are now gearing up for the finals. 
A sport synonymous with affluent communities, it was  Dr Suresh an aeromodelling  trainer in Chennai who made this accomplishment possible. He wanted to take this sport to students from humble backgrounds. The Adi dravida welfare  department for children from oppressed communities was game for it and it was magical as he took aeromodelling to more than 2000 childre in overnment schools.  “When they came and started building planes I had  rated them 30 out of 100. Once they started flying a plane, crashing, mending it they have secured 100 out of 100. Now if the plane crashes, they would get it ready in five or ten minutes”, said Dr N Sureshkumar, Chairman of 360 Group of Companies. 
From day one, the boys and girls had a free hand to learn, build the flying machines, crash and repair them. Overtime they became specialists with a clear understanding and hands on experience to build, repair and get them fly. Fathima a class IX student told “I am so happy. If opportunity is given anyone can achieve anything”.
It was the passion of Dr Suresh, an Aeromodelling Trainer to train government school students that paved way for the girls team emerge champions.

Ultimately five teams with twenty students made the final cut and all the teams had  qualified for finals, some even defeated leading institutes like IITs. The all  girls team made it big. All of them come from humble backgrounds. Their parents are drivers and daily wagers. 

The experience and the exposure has inspired the girls to dream big and aim high. Siva Ashika J wants to become an Airforce Pilot and serve the country and Reshmi said “I want to beceom an Aeronautical Engineer”. Rajeshwari, a class X student says “I want to run a company that would make planes like Boeing”.  
Their  teachers are super excited. “More and more students want to join this. Talent is everywhere. We are so happy our children were able to win against IIT students”, said Nithiya Sai Lakshmi, Headmistress 
Certainly, this yet another testimony, that the sky is the limit if the opportunity is given  for anyone. 

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