Temple Of Locks: Locks ‘Big Mouths’

Hundreds of devotees offer locks to this "Lock Muniappan Temple in Salem hoping for divine intervention to silence their "troublesome" mothers in law or daughters in law.
Devotees have offered thousands of locks to the Pootu Muniappan Temple (Lock Muniappan Temple) at  Salem in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, largely seeking divine intervention to ‘lock’ the mouth of a mother in law or a daughter  in law who picks up quarrel or verbally harasses them frequently. It’s a sight to see on the Ayyanthirumaligai Road in Salem city;  hundreds of locks put up on the barbed wire fencing around the temple under two large Banyan and Peepul  trees called Aala Maram and Arasa Maram in Tamil.
 Those whose prayers are answered return to unlock them and drop the locks in a designated enclosure. Arjun,  the Temple Priest told tellmystory.in “Devotees take a pledge putting up these locks. It can be for issues between a daughter in law and mother in law or vice versa. They also do this to settle  marriage issues. Childless couples too do this to bless them with a baby”.two 
Those whose prayers have been answered return to the temple to drop the unlocked locks or the keys into a designated pot.

Devotees, whose prayers are fulfilled return to unlock them. They also sacrifice sheep or chicken and prepare meal in the temple premises itself. Some also offer the livestock to the temple. At a corner in the temple area, hundreds of unlocked locks are there in a small concrete pot  dropped by people who’s prayers got fulfilled. “Many are unable to locate their locks. So they just drop the keys instead. Some come back in a few weeks. Some take time” Arjun added.

There is literally no space for locks in the temple. Now devotees put up locks on ropes tied around trees.

There is literally no space for locks in the temple now. Over the years worshippers have put up locks just anywhere including  on ropes tied around trees in the temple. If you visit  Salem this is a fascinating place to stop by. The temple is on the Yercaud Road, on the right soon after you turn right into Ayyanthirumaligai Road.

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