The Vaccination Christmas Tree of Puducherry

People of all faiths walk into the home of S Sundararasu, a fine arts teacher in Puducherry, to see his four feet high Christmas tree of a different kind made of COVID vaccine syringes and vials, encouraging people to get both their doses to protect themselves against COVID 19. 

The manger itself, telling the story of Christmas, is inside a four feet long transparent vaccine vial model. Around 200 needles and syringes make the pathway for the wise men carrying gifts to baby Jesus. The doctor Santa holding a mega syringe is a major attraction this season. “I want all the people in Puducherry to be fully vaccinated”, Sundararasu told

This Christmas tree made of covid vaccine vials and 200 syringes raises awareness on total vaccination. The manger is set up inside a giant transparent vial model.

Over the last ten years, Sundararasu has been using his creativity, designing diferent kinds of Christmas trees to raise awareness on many issues. The teacher added “Christmas tree draws people and we can easily build awareness using it.”

Last year, he had raised awareness against consumption of oily food. In 2019, he had built the Christmas tree with 1000 cloth bags to raise awareness against use of plastics. In 2015, he had made a tree using 700 books to promote reading. Earlier in 2013, the tree was made using vegetables, underscoring adequate intake of vegetables. When asked which one is his favourite he cites “In 2010, I set a world record, designing a manger in 1 sq cm space using a few grains of rice. It can be seen seen only through a magnifying lens. I loved it.”


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